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Connected Content

The LinBi Enrichment Platform enables the collection of individual cultural heritage objects within Europeana into so-called sets or clusters of connected content. Those sets usually refer to thematic areas.

The connected content listed on the present page was made public by various LinBi users. Connected content can also be created for individual research purposes and stored internally in your individual working space. If you are interested in using this functionality, at no cost, please contact us.

Click on the title of a set to see a short description of the cluster and of the individual objects within the clustered set.

Index Title Items Creator
1 Tradition and beauty - early-flowering plants from bulbs in botany and arts248Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem
2 Drawings from Democratic Republic of the Congo123Meise Botanic Garden
3 Wild Animals in Meise Botanic Garden - Examples of Exceptional and Unexpected Flora and Fauna204Meise Botanic Garden
4 Tulip60Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
5 Fish198Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
6 Shark18Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
7 Cod22Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
8 Herring49Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
9 Papaya12Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
10 Tomato65Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
11 Potato297Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
12 Cassava5Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
13 Cocoa55Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
14 Peanuts117Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
15 Corn122Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
16 Rose2344Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
17 Pepper and Chili25Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
18 Flower524Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
19 Butterfly117Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
20 Beetle23Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
21 Bird1231Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
22 Forest750Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
23 Nightingale44Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
24 Tree13Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
25 Masters of Botanical Illustration56Real Jardín Botánico Madrid RJB-CSIC
26 Spanish Enlightenment Botanical Expeditions41Real Jardín Botánico Madrid RJB-CSIC
27 Edible plants from America77Real Jardín Botánico Madrid RJB-CSIC
28 Herbals 29Real Jardín Botánico Madrid RJB-CSIC
29 Florilegium37Real Jardín Botánico Madrid RJB-CSIC
30 Fruit330Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
31 Mushroom12Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
32 Fox125Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
33 Leaf103Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
34 Vegetable334Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
35 Herb87Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
36 Insect285Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
37 Cactus43Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg