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In songs, the forest often takes on the form of a romantic dream. The cluster contains animated films, reports, song classics from the shellac era, film trailers, discussions and more.

A forest is an area of land dominated by trees. Hundreds of definitions of forest are used throughout the world, incorporating factors such as tree density, tree height, land use, legal standing and ecological function. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization definition, a forest is defined as land spanning more than 0.5 hectares with trees higher than 5 meters and a canopy cover of more than 10 percent, or trees able to reach these thresholds in situ. It does not include land that is predominantly under agricultural or urban land use.

Forests are the dominant terrestrial ecosystem of Earth, and are distributed around the globe. Forests account for 75% of the gross primary production of the Earth's biosphere, and contain 80% of the Earth's plant biomass. Net primary production is estimated at 21.9 gigatonnes carbon per year for tropical forests, 8.1 for temperate forests, and 2.6 for boreal forests.

Forests at different latitudes and elevations, and with different precipitation and evapotranspiration form distinctly different biomes: boreal forests around the poles, tropical moist forests and tropical dry forests around the Equator, and temperate forests at the middle latitudes. Higher elevation areas tend to support forests similar to those at higher latitudes, and amount of precipitation also affects forest composition.

Human society and forests influence each other in both positive and negative ways. Forests provide ecosystem services to humans and serve as tourist attractions. Forests can also affect people's health. Human activities, including unsustainable use of forest resources, can negatively affect forest ecosystems.



Les certificats de CO2, la protection contre les incendies ou simplement la beauté des arbres apparaissent dans les vidéos et les chansons. Sur l'Amazone, lors d'un rituel de l'eau au Nigeria ou dans les "Lieder aus dem Wienerwald".

Dans les chansons, la forêt prend souvent la forme d'un rêve romantique. Le groupe contient des films d'animation, des rapports, des classiques de la chanson de l'époque de Shellack, des bandes-annonces de films, des discussions et bien d'autres choses encore.



CO2-Zertifikate, Brandschutz oder einfach die Schönheit der Bäume kommen in den Videos und Liedern vor. Am Amazonas, bei einem Wasser-Ritual in Nigeria oder in "Liedern aus dem Wienerwald".

In Liedern nimmt der Wald oft die Gestalt eines romantischen Traumes an. Der Cluster enthält Animationsfilme, Reportagen, Songklassiker aus der Shellack-Zeit, Filmtrailer, Diskussionen und mehr.

Creator:Johannes Theurer (rbb)
Provenance:LinBi - https://linbi.eu/
Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
Object type:Sound

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